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Nance Cheifetz, Peter Grazier and their van Bodhi deliver happiness. For Peter, it all started when he and Nance went out to see a performance in San Francisco and did what many people do — paid the parking attendant. Then Nance did the kind of thing she always did — and most people don’t — she offered to buy the guy a latte. And then she did. And Peter realized, oh wow, you can just do that.

Peter, a retired engineer, sold all of his belongings three years ago and moved to Sausalito, California, where he lives with his now-wife, Nance, whose former day job was running a small team building and training business called Sense of Delight. “I called myself a Corporate Fairy Godmother,” says Nance. They continued to perform acts of kindness here and there. Then they realized what was missing — inspiring transportation. So away went the Lexus. They bought a 1990 Volkswagen van, named it Bodhi and never looked back.

Video via OZY