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Here at The Good We Do, we are mourning Heather Heyer, who was killed over the weekend during clashes at a white nationalist rally.

Her simple act of standing against hatred makes her an everyday heroine. In the words of her mother Susan Bro, Heather “gave her heart, her soul, and now her life” to what she believed to be right.

Susan has spoken out about ensuring Heather’s death is not in vain, calling on people to pay attention, “I want this to spread, I don’t want this to die, this is just the beginning of Heather’s legacy.

“You have to find in your heart that spark of accountability. I don’t want you to turn away. You poke that finger at yourself and you make it happen. You take that extra step. You find a way to make a difference in the world.”

Those powerful words by a grieving mother are ones to live by.

Photo Heather Heyer/Facebook